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appears to be the turning point for the snail couple, embracing who they have become to each other, and next episode, their initially loveless marriage is transformed into a meaningful and authentically blissful one.

They will be the picture perfect honeymooners, with happy wife Kim Mi Young also acting as mom to her husband, washing his hair and cleaning his nose.

not what you would expect - Yuki x Shuichi Lemon/s Mika commits suicide, How will Yuki take the news? Yuki x Shuichi Lemon/s Its Yugi's birthday and Atem doesn't know what to get him.

He just got his body, but Yugi's so busy with classes and the shop, they spend rarely any time together.

After Harley Quinn is returned to Arkham Asylum, she fully reforms and works with Batman when a breakout happens. Rated T and set in modern times instead of the 90's. *gigglesnort*Collection of fluffy oneshots from the lives of my favourite pairing: Eiri & Shuichi are living together, contentedly in love, and completely NOT at peace.

My telling of what happens after the episode's events. Sequel to "Ties that Bond" and the final part to my trilogy. Do Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Justice League have what it takes to finally put a stop to this evil dictator's reign of terror? But then again it's always going to be an ongoing adventure for these two...

Headline: not terrible, at least it is not cliche, but you would be better served to relate it to your unique personality. Lose the "fun times" and "good humor", they are both assumed, EVERYONE wants those things, therefore it is pointless to say it. I would suggest getting a lot more creative than this, or lose the "on the lookout for those oppertunities", I would not think you took advantage of this oppertunity, and I am sure the ladies will not either.Screenshots of conversations, both successful and not so much. The importance of the quality of your pics can't be stressed enough.Advice is welcome as much as bragging (if you earned it and can provide further pics for everyones entertainment). - I want to upload a picture on Tinder, but I don't want my facebook friends to see it. Create an album on facebook with privacy set to only you. Then either move pics to a public album and upload to Tinder and move pic back to private album, or tag yourself in the pic and upload to Tinder. Pics with a setting, where you're somewhere are so much better than pics of you in your apartment.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Thanks, Matt (avskipper)Hi Matt, here are my thoughts. av are the initials of the city where I live and 'skipper' speaks to my experience as a helmsman while sailing. I appreciate the fact you don't sugar coat anything.Hi All, I just signed up again last week after taking a break for a while. LMAO, Yes, you have certainly dug up the wrong guy for sugar coating.

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