An affair to remember dating

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Jason (Digger) Stiles is over to get new portraits with Richard for their company. Emily is planning their launch party – considers a Russian Vodka Bar theme.

Due to an error in the syllabus, Rory finds out she's a week behind in her reading.

Lorelai realizes she never told her mother about their catering business. Lorelai points out his "appointment" to take her to dinner of the house, away from his mother. Lorelai pretends that she sent Emily a flyer about the new business and pretends to be hurt Emily did not call her congratulations. Rory raves to Lorelai about her perfect study tree.

It's probably the last job Sookie can do before the baby, so Lorelai gets sucked into it. Rory comes back to find Janet jumping on a squeaky trampoline and Paris ignoring the phone in a fight with Jamie. Then Tana turns on the tv, and Rory is too nice to ‘tell' her to turn it off. The party is fast approaching, and Lorelai has to call Emily for the details. Emily asks Lorelai to bring her a spare, even though she knows (and later says as much) that Lorelai is lying. Sookie's food wows Emily (well, as much as Emily can be wowed), but the presentation (i.e. At the diner, Kirk is taping himself eating and making small talk to study for his date.

The building boasts an in-house butcher; the furniture is, to be frank, ugly and the website is so ephemeral that it is almost impossible to navigate.

Indeed it is so trendy that guests sit between brooding photographs and pieces of industrial machinery.

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Mike Piper, Wedding Planner Extraordinaire, and the Elysian Ballroom: Where does one begin to write a review for someone and someplace that has exceeded your every expectation beyond anything imaginable? From first contact through all the preparations and planning, Mike Piper was professional and quickly responsive to all communication and questions regarding our ideas, thoughts, and suggestions.

A playboy (Cary Grant) and a nightclub singer (Deborah Kerr) meet and fall in love on a luxury liner headed for New York; each is romantically committed to someone else, but they agree to meet at a future date if they can disentangle themselves from their commitments.

Neither star ever showed quite this much delicacy before or after, and Mc Carey's elliptical way of framing key emotional moments meshes perfectly with their sublime performances.

Rory begs Paris to answer the phone, then realizes listening to her argue is no better. Rory comes home to study, but there are broccoli tarts all over her room. Lorelai's says it's all anyone wants – to find someone nice to hang out with. Emily compliments Lorelai's choice of florist to Richard, something she'd never do to Lorelai directly.

Leo Mc Carey's 1957 remake of his 1939 masterpiece Love Affair, coscripted with Delmer Daves and shot in color and 'Scope, is his last great film—a tearjerker with comic interludes and cosmic undertones that fully earns both its tears and its laughs, despite some kitschy notions about art and a couple of truly dreadful sequences.

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