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You can do anything." The Post says Trump was recently married to Melania at the time the conversation was recorded on a bus near the "Days of Our Lives" set.Trump issued a statement, saying, "This was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago.On Thursday, after much sniping between AT&T and Google, the dispute reached Congress: A group of 20 House Republicans and Democrats wrote to the FCC urging it to investigate Google's right to block calls to rural telephone exchanges.AT&T, which has the exclusive right to market Apple's i Phone in the U.Sony Play Station's official North American and European websites announced on Friday afternoon that the socially oriented adhoc Party application, currently in use in Japan, will be made available for free download "soon".

Threesome bombshell: During a segment on the Kyle And Jackie O Show in 2014, Jackie confessed: 'I've had one', explaining hers was with another woman and a man, who was not her husband Lee Henderson (right) During an interview with American Pie's Jason Biggs and his wife Jenny Mollen last year, Kyle revealed: 'I once had one with two South American models and a big fight broke out.' 'Apparently I finished on the wrong one, I didn't know there was rules and it was just arguing in Colombian.' His co-host Jackie 'O' Henderson, Jason and Jenny were left in a fit of laughter after hearing the heavily detailed recount of his sexual experience.

Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course - not even close.

Despite what a handful of lawmakers may say, the dispute between Google (GOOG) and AT&T (T) over the search giant's Google Voice application is not so much about fairness or rural access as it is about steamy phone sex and piles of money.

And on Tuesday, the pair once again raised eyebrows when Kyle, 45, gave a demonstration of his 'creepy sex voice' during a chat about threesomes.

Kyle jokingly accused Jackie of being 'vanilla' in the bedroom, saying: 'You'd sit on the end of the bed [during a threesome] saying: 'I feel sort of curious, but I don't want both of you touching me at the same time because that feels like a naughty girl.'.

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