Keanu reaves and dating and 2016

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Chats about their new drama #The Whole Truth coming to @entertainmenttonight soon! Zellweger chimed in, saying, "Yeah, most of it is really unimportant and unnecessary and makes a person's life way more interesting and colorful than it is in truth." "I guess it depends on the day and circumstances and what becomes necessary," she continued.A photo posted by D e i d r e B e h a r (@hernameisdeidre) on WATCH: Renee Zellweger Talks Preparing to Be a Mom for 'Bridget Jones's Baby' Although Reeves and Zellweger can control what they personally post on the Internet, they can't control what other people or the media put up about them. Social media aside, the two also gushed about what it was like working together on the Courtney Hunt-directed drama, which is in theaters and on demand on Friday.We take you through a journey to understand the real Keanu Reeves. Read more (Comments: 1) Hollywood action stars are often tied to a sense of time and place. Read more (Comments: 0) 2017-07-25 (link): Lionsgate Plotting 'John Wick' Universe With 'Ballerina' Action Script2017-07-24 (link): Keanu chats about Point Break at TIFF Bell Lightbox2017-07-12 (link): 'The Bruce Lee Project' Competition Series from Keanu & Shannon Lee set to launch in India and the Middle East. That [Reeves has] endured over the years in ways many of his 1990s contemporaries haven’t is a testament to his unique skills as an action star. Read more (Comments: 0) Violent, stressful and cathartic, the first film about former hitman John WIck was a surprise hit and, just as importantly, a lot of fun for star Keanu Reeves to make.

I wish that they got chemistry each other,.looks not happening??

I hate that in this context they sensationalized Jamie being trans and lowkey shamed Keanu for being interested with the use of "tryst." This annoys the fuck out of me.

For those who are interested, Gregg Miller has posted a video of the full Troubadour gig that Dogstar played in 1994 on youtube.

Also I remember when tabloids were abuzz about his date with some ''mysterious woman" who turned out to be his sister. Would they be calling it a tryst if Jamie had been cis? Cis straight white male Keanu gets the "Hollywood hunk" descriptor while Jamie's descriptor points out she is trans.

They turn everything into a date, srsly, and all the more if it can be clickbaity like this one. While being trans is a part of her identity and visibility is important, there are so many more inventive ways to describe Jamie "Sense8 badass" "Netflix star" ANYTHING.

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