Lindsay lohan spoof dating video im dating a recovering addict

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The video, though, features champagne, a puppy, a semi-naked man and a look inside Mariah’s walk-in wardrobe. As the verdict was read out, Lohan's eyebrows rose, her jaw dropped, her strawberry blonde hair tumbled loose from its demure pleat and, finally, her freckled face scrunched into tears.We know all this, of course, because every last second was played out to the whirr and click of the cameras.As the post-courtroom analysis began in the world's media – was this just another compelling performance from Lohan?Or was the sentence unduly harsh, making an example of a high-profile defendant? A canny picture editor had zoomed in on Lohan's middle finger, which she had pressed anxiously to her lips and swivelled towards the judge throughout the hearing.

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