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Relate Con brought into the open a community that has gained momentum online but, because of Idaho law and misrepresentation in the media and broader society, has been largely secretive.

"I just want people to not feel so alone in what they're doing," said Jennifer Hyde, who is president of the Boise Polyamory Network, a mostly online group of approximately 450 people who practice or are interested in polyamory in the Boise area.

I've gone to their (mostly poly) Summer Camp East for the last eight years, and take it from me — New Culture's practices for community creation and interpersonal-skills development are truly remarkable.

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That means you’re looking, I hope, for people to stuff with.There are a lot of groups and resources that exist today because someone was looking for one, but didn’t find anything.In addition to this, if you’re going to go to online discussion groups to look for partners, be careful."We made an effort to have extended conversations about our feelings and our passions, and we found a lot of changes had taken place for us over the years that we weren't aware of." Another presenter, Masami Tadehara-Hinkle, offered attendees a "relationship shopping list" for identifying new partners and maintaining healthy relationships with existing partners.More than a checklist to be applied to others, however, Tadehara-Hinkle said it encourages people to be introspective, considering carefully what they want out of their new relationships.

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