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He Huifeng has been focusing on mainland news reporting since 2001 for several overseas media.

Familiarity gained through the years of close observation of political, economic and social issues on the mainland has given her a love of journalism and good professionalism in the field." data-title="He Huifeng" data-html="true" data-template=" China’s selfie-mania and people’s desire to view racy content on their mobiles may prove another cash cow for Tencent’s We Chat in the next week or two.

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19 news that Facebook paid a whopping billion for the San Francisco-based mobile messaging app Whats App has reached the other side of the Pacific, but many Chinese social media users are befuddled at the deal’s astronomical valuation.

That’s probably not what Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to hear, if any fraction of the stiff price tag for Whats App and its roughly 450 million active users reflects hope that the app will help open up the Chinese market to the social networking giant.

Mi piacerebbe conoscere ragazze o donne per farci due risate e magari per un incontro. L'amministrazione di Tuttofree NON usa tali nomi al fine di alterare il loro valore e/o causare danni ai proprietari, ma solo al fine indicativo per orientare gli utenti al corretto uso di Tuttofree e per fornire una "piazza virtuale" dove condividere i propri contatti relativi a tali servizi, senza nessuno scopo commerciale.

Some users of the popular Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo say they believe Whats App is "clearly an outdated product" with an "ugly and simplistic interface." It’s not just that Whats App experienced a 210-minute outage on Feb. Chinese also have a better option at their fingertips: We Chat, or Weixin in Chinese, the mobile messaging app that Chinese Internet behemoth Tencent launched in 2011.

Compared with We Chat, which had an estimated 313 million users by December, Whats App is "totally not as fun and user-friendly," wrote one poster on Weibo.

This serves as an enticement for others in their social circle to send over a red envelope - containing money or redeemable vouchers - as this is required to make the picture clearly viewable.

We Chat ran an hourlong trial of its newly upgraded red packet programme on Tuesday afternoon and over 18 million users joined in and uploaded photos, according to Everyone I know was talking about We Chat’s red envelope photo topic,” said Liu Chunchun, a clerk based in the city of Shenzhen in southern Guangdong province.

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