Updating mont warrning attempt to net add domain name

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Tested on: Now, to be able to use it on system level, we want it to work without specifying port.

We can achieve it with running consul on port 53 (not advised), or redirecting network traffic from port 53 to 8600 or proxy it via local DNS resolver - for example use locally installed dnsmasq.

updating mont warrning attempt to net add domain name-38

The mount target lifecycle state is stuck in the creating or deleting state. Using Amazon EFS with Microsoft Windows Amazon EC2 instances is not supported.For a list of the Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) that support NFSv4.1, see NFS Support.It can take up to 90 seconds after creating a mount target for the Domain Name Service (DNS) records to propagate fully in a region.This document is for system administrators and developers wanting to setup and install Big Blue Button 1.1.Specifically, it covers installation of Big Blue Button on a Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit server, configuring Big Blue Button to use a hostname and SSL certificate, and, if Big Blue Button is running behind a firewall, configuring the firewall to pass through connections on specific ports to the Big Blue Button server.

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