Named slave not updating

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There are lots of reasons not to list a slave name server in a zone’s NS records; you’ve made it a slave because the resolvers that query it frequently look up records in the zone, but you don’t want other name servers querying it, for example. See Section 7.5 for instructions on configuring a stealth slave.However, you probably want your stealth slave to be alerted of changes to the zone as quickly as the other slaves for the zone.[[email protected] ~]# cat /etc/nameserver nameserver This domain is using NS2 because NS1 is not active. Even the comments in those files tell you not to do it !

Slave/Secondary DNS Server is a server which is like a Load balancer or Backup server of Master/Primary DNS Server, Its takes all DNS query Records/Zones from Master Server.// // See /usr/share/doc/bind*/sample/ for example named configuration files.// options ; logging ; zone "." IN ; include "/etc/named.rfc1912.zones"; include "/etc/key"; ### ELinux Book Internal Zones ### ### Forward Zone ### zone "" IN ; ### Reverse Zone ### zone "" IN ; IN A ; mail exchanger record (MX record) IN MX 5 ns1.; host and canonical name records mail IN CNAME ns1.

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