Dating offer landing pages

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A few weeks ago when I decided it was time to optimize my dating life, I took the first step by creating a list of the qualities I’d like to attract with my profile.

It’s an approach I also take in optimizing websites.

I need to understand the qualities of an ideal business prospect, one that is likely to convert on the site.

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I see their ads all over the place, so I'm sure it's doing well for some people. Since most people are off dial up and up to speed on the latest browsers and technology, we can all do some pretty amazing stuff with landing pages and grabbing people's attention. Rich men website is hilarious but I know it would be profitable just from all the shallow women out there. I also have 30 days until this lead coverts to a sale. But- i am considering a generic "dating" landing page to capture the users email and promote also other dating offers over time and build a database too.One of the most sought after and successful niches for affiliate marketers to dive into is the dating niche.Dating offers are every where, and they are paying good money for free and simple signups.Subscribe to this Series Now that I know how I’ll qualify a lead, it’s time to get out my beakers and scales and use the chemistry of landing pages formula to create the landing page of me – aka fill out the big scary blank profile that will attract the kind of man I’d like to go out with. At the very end of the template is my offer and a way to take action, which I will discuss below.As a girl faced with the daunting task of creating a dating profile, the template is a huge relief.

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