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Our spies say Beyonce and Gloria hugged and laughed.

It's been one incredible journey for Beyoncé and Jay Z in both their personal and professional lives.

Big changes are on the horizon for the ever growing family, but there’s no doubt they will handle them with their usual grace.

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So that was my rule: Before the age of 25, I would never get married." The singer explained that she wanted to get to know herself first before making the commitment to the hip-hop mogul, which she finally did in a secret ceremony in New York this past April. Jay, 38, offers up advice for his wife all the time, B added, revealing the best wisdom he's shared with her so far: "I guess probably that we're all human," she said.

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and it's significant because it's the most authentic evidence so far that they're still very much a couple.Jay's mom, Gloria Carter, threw a shindig to celebrate the opening of her new restaurant, Diamondz N Da Ruff in Newark. So it seems there was no grandstanding on Bey's or Jay's part to look like a happy couple. Jay Z and Beyonce showed up at 7 PM last Saturday for the ribbon cutting and champagne toast and stayed 15 minutes. Beyoncé and Jay Z officially celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary back in April, but their relationship has been filled with well-documented milestones—and has long been the target of more than its fair share of speculation.It was memorably immortalized in Bey’s 2016 visual album , which many are calling his response.

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