Updating time on meditech sever

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You have a growing demand for mobile solutions capable of providing workflow support beyond the eye care facility.

For example, the ability to access patient examination data whenever and wherever needed offers greater flexibility in structuring your day.

The Meditech senior team demonstrated version 6.1, a cloud hosted, standards-based, web-centric, mobile enabled, ambulatory and inpatient, analytics backed, personal health record enabled, and care managed focused application that will be shipping in 2014. A new ambulatory EHR written from scratch to work on i Pads supporting a voice-based or typed workflow.

Some vendors have created two applications often with different copies of the data- one for the desktop and one for mobile devices.

Outsourcing experts with in-depth knowledge not only lowers risk of error, it significantly minimizes the amount of time spent to ensure all reporting, extracts and integrations are migrated properly.Here are the hardware requirements depending on the server: This server is responsible for generating CDA documents and responding to FHIR resource requests.It is capable of running Restful API Services and IOPS Services and can support up to 300 concurrent users.ZEISS FORUM Office can be customized to meet most practices’ individual needs from integration with electronic medical record systems through to adding additional instruments, workstation viewers and Workplaces from ZEISS.Your challenge In the mobile world we live in, easy access to information is absolutely crucial. Eye care professionals like yourself are increasingly mobile too.

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