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Here are a few pros and cons of living in a retirement village: Save money on living expenses: Many women over 60 today would love to downsize to a smaller home.

It’s possible to retire and move into a “retirement village” even when you’re completely healthy and active, and then gradually “age in place” and get the care you need at each stage of life for as long as you live.

With billions of records, names and searchable collections, sheer volume is enough to make Ancestry impressive.

This genealogy search wins the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for its multiple research tools, helpful website support and large, active community of genealogists.

(Some retirement communities also offer houses, duplexes or other living arrangements – there are many options depending on your preferences.) Save time on chores: Living in a retirement village will likely save you a lot of time on yard care, cleaning and home maintenance – leaving you more time to explore your other interests and hobbies.

Onsite skilled nursing care: Once you get to a point in life where you need medical care or nursing care, a retirement village has all of the resources and amenities right there outside your door.

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