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OPW - Aug 29 - Procall (client of Courtland Brooks) knows Internet dating and can help you offshore your customer service center.

We interviewed Jim Rush, COO of Procall, to provide some background and expertise on outsourcing and what questions you should ask, if you're considering outsourcing. Navy as a section leader for a cryptologic intelligence unit.

And by doing so, say legal experts, he is putting himself in jeopardy over a possible obstruction of justice charge.

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Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.

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President Donald Trump has repeatedly called for the Russian investigation to go away, yet he appears unable to stop talking about it.

With the explosive growth of Facebook and Twitter, social networking has been the biggest trend in the recent years.

Apple has already tried delve into this market a bit with its i Tunes network Ping, though with limited success.

I work with a team of executive staff members to drive our business directives and streamline our operations to surpass our shared goals with our clients.

What is the background of Procall and how long has the company been in the outsourcing business?

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