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But she may notice some pain if she has sex too soon after treatment.

This is because the bladder and urethra may still be irritated from the drugs.

Women with tumors in the pelvis may get chemo by pelvic infusion.

In this case, the drugs are put into the arteries that feed the tumor and give an extra-strong dose to the genital area.

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Losing your libido doesn’t mean it’s gone forever and it also doesn’t mean you have to go through extreme measures to get it back.Since this method is fairly new, doctors do not yet know the long-term effects on a woman’s sex life.Another way of giving chemo is by intraperitoneal infusion – the drugs are put into the space around the organs in the belly.There are natural ways to return your body back to the sex craved state it once was before life got in the way.Before you learn about the vitamins you can take to increase your libido, it’s useful to understand why your sex drive has diminished.

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