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The purpose of this article then is to give a live, third point of view on how to get going with Android, as well as to be a map to resources.

I decided to follow a tutorial on Android development by Lars Vogel.

But, many things I say you will not hear said in one place out there and they are the fruit of working through Android issues as a beginner, consulting other web sites, asking questions in forums, etc.

You are welcome to these notes if you find them helpful.

I’ve just come across a rather irritating habit of the ADT toolset for Eclipse and thought I’d share it.

If you get a red line under “R” in a reference to a layout, string or id, (e.g.

the “R” in R.layout.main) then your problem could be one of the following: My problem, however, was none of these. It turns out that if you have any errors in your xml files (strings.xml, layouts, etc.), then your file will not be generated and you will not be told this is the reason.

Android project template: Creating resources is as simple as adding files to the directory for the resource type in question.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_45\bin\-J-Dfile.encoding=UTF8 -d obj\Release\android\bin\classes -classpath .... After a few minutes of searching, it was obvious that I had the wrong JDK version for building my assembly.

obj\Release\android\src\android\support\design\R.java:10: cannot access Object bad class file: java\lang\Object.class(java\lang: Object.class) class file has wrong version 52.0, should be 50.0 Please remove or make sure it appears in the correct subdirectory of the classpath. Most of the issues were Android Studio specific but I found an issue were this happened in Visual Studio.

If you create any component in the activity_file, id for the corresponding component is automatically created in this file. * * This class was automatically generated by the * aapt tool from the resource data it found.

This id can be used in the activity source file to perform any action on the component. It includes a lot of static nested classes such as menu, id, layout, attr, drawable, string etc.

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