Windows 7 reliability monitor not updating

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Once you select a time period, you’ll see the events in the bottom part of the screen.

You can use the “Check for a solution”, which every now and then will have an actual solution (don’t hold your breath, though).

After checking and changing some BIOS settings, the machine booted properly and everything appeared to be as it was prior to changing the battery. The State and Published Data folders were missing, so there was really nothing to reset.

It provides a stability index that ranges from 1 (the least stable) to 10 (the most stable).

so, when I had a slight "hiccup" and dropped a few points I followed your article... The only thing I did different was to re-insert files from a back-up that still had me at a perfect 10.

After substituting the files it looked great and I had a "10" back.. I waited 24 hours and then 48 hours, but the RAC never updated.

Reliability Monitor tracks the history of your computer — any time an application crashes, hangs, or Windows gives you a blue screen of death. You can click on each day that has a crash, then go back in the list to before all the crashes started and figure out what was installed to make things break… If you open up the Action Center, you can use the “View reliability history” link to get there, but we’d recommend opening the start menu or start screen and searching for “reliability”, which is probably faster.

It also tracks other important events, like when software is installed, or Windows Updates loads a new patch. The top part of the view is arranged into either days or weeks, depending on what you select.

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