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It has several historical buildings and museums, and boasts vast expansions of natural heritage.

It is considered one of the most famous economic, cultural and tourist centers in the country, and one of Central Asia’s best cities to live in, due to its ability to create balance between its old traditional heritage and modern aspirations.

Under patronage of Kyrgyzstan’s President: Celebration festivities of Bishkek as 2014 Islamic culture capital kick off Kyrgyzstani PM receiving ISESCO Director General Name: The name of Bishkek is thought to be derived from Russian “bishkek”, which means the churn used to make fermented mare’s milk (Kumis), the Kyrgyz national drink.

Location: Bishkek is located on the Chu River in northern Kyrgyzstan, towards the northern fringe of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too range.

The city regained its name in 1991, when the Republic of Kyrgyzstan achieved its independence. Turkish nomadic tribes continued to invade the region until the 12th century A. In the beginning of the 13th century, the Mongols invaded the whole region, and founded districts they named khans, which were ruled by chieftains.

In the wake of ethnic violence in June that killed almost 2,000 people, Kyrgyzstan has been plagued by violence and lawlessness.

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Venue: Ilim Education Center, 6 B, Toktonaliev str. Any musicians are welcome to call 996 (554) 080 493 to sign up for a performance.

For answers to specific questions, visit our Kyrgyzstan Forum to talk with expats in BISHKEK.

One member of Expat Exchange dreamed of skiing in the winter, sunbathing in the summer and enjoying a healthy lifestyle in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Are people accepting of racial, cultural and religious differences?

If you are already living in BISHKEK, share how those "dreams" have been fulfilled, and how they have not.

Below are some of the reports from expats in BISHKEK: Retiring abroad can be a great option for retirees seeking their dream lifestyle at an affordable price.

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