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Show Stoppers combines a product showcase, hands-on demos, and a relaxed reception into one efficient event.

It’s an informal ambiance – that includes a buffet and open bars.

I don’t think you can spend very much time working with Census data from before 2010 without discovering that a lot of features on the TIGER base map were missing or don’t really exist or are tagged with the wrong name or mapped at the wrong location.Work has been crazy lately, which is why there was no update yesterday.Had I updated the blog, I would have told you to go to the Bruces/Mayday/Neva show at TWR or go to the Joe Budenholzer show at PS Collective (with Dereck Higgins opening) or head to Lincoln for Day 1 of two days of new music showcases at Box Awesome.Eric Fischer works on data visualization and analysis tools at Mapbox.He was previously an artist in residence at the Exploratorium and before that was on the Android team at Google.

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