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The 163-page dossier – containing 161 pages of emails – released by the Leveson Inquiry reveal that Mr Murdoch was being provided with a running commentary on government thinking and being leaked confidential ‘inside’ information on an almost daily basis.‘Jeremy just called.

He did an interview with FT (Financial Times) today, after his chat with JRM (James Murdoch). Said it was ‘a matter for competition authorities but he didn’t see any problems’.

He is keen for me to work with his team on the statement during the course of tomorrow and offer some possible language.

Paul & The Broken Bones made their national TV debut on "CBS This Morning: Saturday" two and a half years ago.

He is pretty amazed by its findings, methodology and clear bias. We are going to try to find a way for you to meet with him one/one before Xmas.’ Minutes later Rebekah Brooks, responds to the email writing: ‘Same from GO (George Osborne) – total bafflement at response.’ (Cable has been removed from decision-making process after telling undercover Telegraph reporters he had ‘declared war’ on Rupert Murdoch.) ‘Just spoke. Said Cable’s comments unacceptable.’ ‘Very important to avoid giving the “anti” any opportunity to attack the fairness of the process and fine to liaise at that political level, while also DCMS (Department for Culture)/NWS (News Corp) legal teams are in touch.’ Email to News Corp executives, giving a detailed timetable, in advance, of Mr Hunt’s plans to announce on January 25 that he intended to refer the bid to the Competition Commission – but before doing this he will take more time to consider News Corp plans to spin off Sky News.‘His view is that once he announces publicly he has a strong UIL (undertaking from News Corp), it’s almost game over for the opposition.

He said we would get there at the end and he shared our objectives.

Dennis Rainey talks to Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales and the interactive, online “mini-network” for children called Jelly Telly.

He has received very strong legal advice not to meet us today as the current process is treated as a judicial one (not a policy one) and any meeting could be referred to and jeopardise the entire process.‘Jeremy is very frustrated about it but the Permanent Secretary (Hunt’s top Civil Service aide) has now also been involved.

My advice would be not to meet him today as it would be counter-productive for everyone, but you could have a chat with him on his mobile which is completely fine, and I will liaise with his team privately, as well.’ After Ofcom raises issues about the Sky bid: ‘Very good debrief with Hunt on the issues letter.

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