Core data updating model

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It might be more code (sort of duping the models) but you will end up with so much more control over your app's behavior instead of fighting Core Data's mutability. In your example IGList Diffable protocol adoption omitted.

Is it correct for List User object to don't have this extension?

The code snippets below are here to help jog your memory when it’s been a while since you’ve worked in Core Data.

They could also be helpful for newcomers to i OS development, Core Data, and Swift.

One assumption I’m making in this post is that you’ve created NSManaged Object subclasses for your entities to make them easier to work with in a type-safe way.

If you need help getting started with that, I’ve written a walk-through to guide you through that process.

splitting them into different classes requires that you use delegation or notification to communicate between them.

So if your Data Source is the NSFetched Result Controller Delegate, it needs to tell the controller (which owns the Adapter) that there is a need to call perform Updates. The one suggested by @rnystrom in his example was to raise a notification in the datasource and catch it in the controller with the following pseudo code Hi @racer1988 @rnystrom @jessesquires It seems to me that we are losing here an important feature of Core Data, that is fetching in batches (fetch Batch Size)?

For student enrollment dates, all of the web pages currently display the time along with the date, although all you care about for this field is the date.

In this post we’re going to discuss migrations in Core Data.

This is part three of a tutorial series covering the usage of Core Data in Swift to write i OS apps with persistence.

By using data annotation attributes, you can make one code change that will fix the display format in every view that shows the data.

To see an example of how to do that, you'll add an attribute to the setting specifies that the formatting should also be applied when the value is displayed in a text box for editing.

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