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After shopping together they went to Real Food Daily for a bite to eat, before heading off on their motorbikes.

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The two married in Costa Rica in January 2007 after an on/off six year relationship.The two ended the 21-month marriage more than a year ago, but are now 'rebuilding' it after taking time out.Today they were snapped hand-in-hand, laughing and joking as they walked to the Barney's New York store in California.As Hart, who is a professional motorcycle rider, explained to People magazine, "We're rebuilding.Sometimes you have to take a couple of steps back to move forward." While Pink and Carey Hart's reconciliation is fabulous news for romantics, the fact is that very few couples ever do get back together following a separation. Less than 10 percent or to be precise--or to be as precise as one can be with any stat that is vulnerable to agendas, sample size and location of those interviewed--it's 7 percent.

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