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Well, according to Jonesy, she was still ripe and ready for picking.Now, Jonesy wants to hump every visiting female and some neutered male dogs who smell pretty.[Verse 1: Avian] I need a pretty raw chick like Rihanna Touch a bitch for the first time like Madonna Strap it on the bass like Gaga You didn't have it, girl, but I'mma put it on you I want a ménage with Nicki Be a slave with Britney Make Alicia hear that slow long up here [Chorus: Avian] I need a billboard bitch And I'mma make you famous I need a billboard bitch And I'mma make you famous I need a billboard bitch And I'mma make you famous I need a billboard bitch And I'mma make you famous Put that platinum pussy on it And I'mma make you famous [Verse 2: Cam'ron] I need a billboard bitch Man, I had a few of those hoes Guess what?I'm still bored, bitch You still a broad bitch I hit it from the back, I tell her sing my chorus Yes, I put on that side not, yes sire And I quote, she ride the beat then ride today Oh, shit, she hit that high note That billboard chick's on the block where I sell keys I done named names, check the credits on my LVs [Chorus] [Verse 3: Jim Jones] With a ratchet or a billboard bitch They all just want this real good dick I'm bait, I reel them in like fish Big pimp, oh, she taste like shrimp All I do is hit, I never miss Fucked her so good she left a Tip Front, back, side, I hit all spots But like the billboard, I love her on top [Chorus] [Verse 4: Juelz Santana] Britney or Estelle, hit me on my cell I don't discriminate, I put that dick up in the jail Catch me with Keyshia, I tell you how I sex her In my drop top Ferrari, call it mustard back ketchup And tell Rihanna I will call her off a nanny Fuck her from the back while she holding all the Grammies With Nicki a ménage, if it's me, her and [?If you're a rapper whose first name is not "Will" and whose last name is not "Smith," you probably utilize profanity, some sexual innuendo, and maybe, even, a drug reference or two, in your respective craft.Yet it takes years and a special kind of taboo-breaking spirit to be viewed as one of the filthiest lyricists in the game.

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They thrive on watching you panic,to see the fear in your eyes as they tell you what they are going to do to you.

CAM'RONA brilliant lyricist with a knack for raising eyebrows, Killa Cam -- especially in his early 00s heyday -- could throw down with the grossest rappers.

The Dipset leader can adroitly wax poetic about digestive problems ("I. S.") as well as comical violence ("Play razor tag, slice ya face, you're it!

Be warned they have no boundries and no feelings, they are cold, manipulative and just plain evil. These vile females really do get a kick out of watching weak men and sissies crumble.

They love to watch you fall like a house of cards as they sit back and laugh at you.

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