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Maybe it's because I still think of Rory as a 17-year-old who owns a stuffed rooster named Colonel Plucker, and now I have to imagine that Angel's son is "plucking" her, but Josh (and probably Joanna, too - as for Dustin, who knows? But how does it compare to other recent(ish) TV co-star IRL relationships?

Hall Georgia Moffett - David Tennant Also: best celebrity couple ever? Get entertainment, celebrity and politics updates via Facebook or Twitter.

Click through to see 30 couples that took their love off screen — and even worked together well past their demise.

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder reportedly split in May 2013 after more than three years of dating.

Ellen then asked the question only those who love creepy family tales would ask: when will the pair be getting married?

” demurral, ostensibly due to the fact that incest is still not legal in the contiguous United States.

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Graham gave a non-commital “We’ve been together so long we basically are married!

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insider says the door is being left open for her to possibly return.

In Sunday’s ep, Holly left town to join daughter Rebecca in New York.

You don’t have to be a body language expert to think that Bowman, his arms folded protectively over his chest, his eyes dead, horrified or distracted, is not as into this whole thing as Van Camp, who looms over him, lips mashed against his face, sucking with desperate determination. Then again, that could just be a terrible photo, taken at a weird moment.

Perhaps things are just fine between Van Camp and Bowman and dating your co-star is a really terrific idea with no foreseeable downside.

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