6415a updating your network infrastructure

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And with Cisco Catalyst Multigigabit technology for example, you will be able to get speeds beyond 1 Gb on existing Cat5e cables (and likely save money). Upgrading to a modernised network can make a real difference to productivity. You suffer from “I-think-it-is-good-enough security”. Threats to your network are more sophisticated and targeted than ever before. Introducing new technology puts an increased strain on older infrastructures that then require more and more attention.The older your infrastructure, the more vulnerable you become. Your business can’t grow, let alone innovate, if your IT manager is forced to spend most of his / her time and resources on managing and troubleshooting your network. One of the most critical reasons for upgrading your network is to support everything your business needs to give it a competitive edge, from hybrid cloud computing to powerful sector-specific applications.Create unattended answer files by using Setup Manager to automate the installation of Windows XP Professional. Manage applications by using Windows Installer packages. Control access to shared folders by using permissions. Configure and troubleshoot Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). Configure, manage, and implement Internet Information Services (IIS). Diagnose and resolve issues related to server hardware settings and hardware device driver upgrades.

And with the increasing number of videos and devices coming online, it is no wonder.

Perform and troubleshoot an attended installation of Windows XP Professional. Monitor, configure, and troubleshoot I/O devices, such as printers, scanners, multimedia devices, mouse, keyboard, and smart card reader. Troubleshoot system restoration by starting in safe mode. Verify effective permissions when granting permissions.

Perform and troubleshoot an unattended installation of Windows XP Professional. Monitor, configure, and troubleshoot multimedia hardware, such as cameras. Install, configure, and manage Infrared Data Association (Ir DA) devices. Recover System State data and user data by using the Recovery console Implementing, Managing, and Troubleshooting Network Protocol Services Configure and troubleshoot the TCP/IP protocol. Connect to computers by using a virtual private network (VPN) connection. Create and modify user accounts by using the Active Directory Users and Computers Managing and Maintaining Access to Resources Troubleshoot user authentication issues. Diagnose and resolve issues related to Terminal Services security.

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