Dating clarice cliff backstamps

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In the 1950s and 1960s, in addition to the fancy earthenware, Shorter & Son Ltd was a successful and prolific manufactured good quality domestic earthenware and of note from this period are the company’s Cottage Ware, Fishware, oven-to table ware and florists accessories.

In 1900 Arthur Shorter’s younger son John Guy Shorter became the manager and the partnership of Shorter & Son probably dates from this time. Arthur Shorter died in 1926 and in 1933 the business was incorporated as Shorter & Son Ltd with brothers Arthur ‘Colley’ Austin Shorter and John Guy Shorter, as Directors and Harry L. The death of Arthur Colley Shorter in early 1964 spelled the end for the Shorter companies. From early 1964 Shorter & Son Ltd operated from Fielding’s Sutherland St factory under the management of John B. The novelties included Toby Jugs, tobacco jars, ash trays, sugars, creams, cruets, butter dishes, posy holders , and a host of other household items and many of these, especially the Toby Jugs, were still in production in the 1960s.It is therefore not surprising that produced of the order of 19,000 different patterns.Many are easily identified as being unique but some are variations of a specific theme: perhaps using subtly different colourways, using a different edge-line or using a matt rather than a shiny glaze.For quick links to G - M and N - Z scroll to bottom of the page .We investigate the stories of the lesser known makers in our 'china chat' section.

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