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HAMBURG, GERMANY — “Welcome to Hell.” That's the greeting for U. President Donald Trump and other world leaders from anti-capitalist protesters in Hamburg who aim to disrupt the G-20 summit, … Read More Firecrackers, sparklers and bottle rockets may seem harmless enough, but there's really no such thing as safe fireworks for consumers, eye doctors warn. Read More Batman actor Adam West was memorialized with a bat signal at the Los Angles City Hall on June 15. Read More As the Xarelto bellwether trials are rapidly approaching, many are wondering what the outcome of the thousands of lawsuits filed will ultimately be.Read More July 5 (NAP) -- The CH-53K King Super Stallion has completed its first phase of test flights from West Palm Beach, Fla. West died on June 10 after a short battle with leukemia. Make sure to file your claim now before the deadline …This online auction is highlighted by a "Chair Fit For A King", a grandfather clock, and an assortment of great home appliances!Max Sold highlights this incredible Centennial estate sale with gorgeous Gorham Sterling silverware and an original Fred Prescott Metal Artpiece! (BTW- She may or may not be a virgin, I always thought she was...)HIS WIFE: I always thought she was probably a stay-at-home mother/wife, since lawyers make a lot of money. Do we know whether or not she loves him, or if he still loves his wife? She's going to sleep with him in order to get a job at the firm, because she is young and probably had bad luck finding one before.she's incredibly desperate and will prostitute herself because of it, but she thinks its an extremely disfigured and wonderfully (as in incredibly) screwed up version of love and sex. I think that she is probably catholic, because of the rosary and because i think the first paragraph of the song is what is going through HER ming at the time.

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Also featured by the estate sale are a spoon collection, assorted lladro, and many original prints signed by T. Max Sold would love to share with you this popular Peterborough estate sale!

Also showcased in this online auction are assorted artpieces, power tools, and collectible figurines!

The woman who came to my apartment to decide if I have ""good stuff"" to make a sale profitable to both of us was great. I hope someone else will find some enjoyment from these items.

Okay, so first off, I really don't think she is a prostitute. (inside, what a wonderful characature of intamacy) next it talks about what's gonna hapen: she is going to do bad things and (....o_o) will get a job at the law firm and be sucure. she'll stay with him for fear of uprooting thier picturesque famaily.

For the night she sleeps with the lawyer and cop, she may seem like a hooker. later, it talks about how the husband told his wife that he was meeting with the 'virgin' for buisness purposes.

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