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It was worse when my good friends from college started getting married. You’re tired of living alone, killing any sense of belonging you may have felt.

I hated finishing work and going home to an empty apartment. Please raise your hand if you’re tired of being single.

Or else, they feel engulfed when coupled, a nerve-wracking, constrictive way to live.

If this isn’t understood, empaths can stay perpetually lonely; we want companionship, but, paradoxically, it doesn’t feel safe.

We perceive others as less caring, less interested, and less committed than they actually are, and we judge our relationships to be weaker and less satisfying than they may really be.

In an effort to protect ourselves from even further emotional hurt, we become hyper-alert to any signs of rejection from others and more apt to miss signs of acceptance.

Is your relationship with your many dating apps starting to turn sour? The results of Match's annual Singles in America survey have just been released and they reveal a population that is increasingly burned out on hunting for love online.

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How can you become the type of person you want to meet? I personally needed to work through some hurts and hangups, including limiting core beliefs about myself, before I was ready to be in a relationship with the woman who is now my wife.Interestingly, on the whole men are 97 percent more likely to say they’re addicted than women are. They’re 54 percent more likely to feel burned out by their dating lives.Millennials (of both sexes) were 36 percent more likely to suffer burn out than other generations.It’s daunting enough to interact with people–never mind trying to build a friendship, and then a dating relationship. Friendship and dating does not have to be that daunting. Instead of judging your loneliness (for example, I've often said to myself, though not consciously, "I feel so alone, there's no one out there who truly understands me, I'm tired of feeling this way."), accept and welcome the feelings with compassion. Acknowlege the feelings with self-compassion, rather than with self-criticism.With the right resources and tools at your disposal, you can learn to deal with the root causes of loneliness and set yourself up for meaningful connection. Rick Hanson recently wrote an article about using RAIN to manage uncomfortable feelings. (For example, I have criticized myself in the past for feeling lonely, "I shouldn't feel this way, or 'this is too painful to feel'). Can you put an emotional label on the sensations that you're feeling?

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