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At the end of the battle, a total of 373 allies (twelve American Green Berets, 300 South Vietnamese, sixty Nung soldiers, and a single Australian military advisor) held off deadly attacks against 900 NVA and Vietcong, often pinning Viet Cong groups in the narrow cliffs leading into the valley, where they were easily targeted by artillery. For his actions during this battle, Warrant Officer Kevin Conway of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV), was cited by his commander—then Colonel Ted Serong—for a Victoria Cross, the highest gallantry award for Australian service personnel.

Conway was in a forward weapon pit with an American Master Sergeant, Gabriel Alamo, who was killed in the North Vietnamese assault.

After spending some time in the village, we will begin trekking.

The first part is quite steep as it leads us high into the mountain passes through the upland rice field plantations.

TRIP TO MINNESOTA: Canal, Illinois and Mississippi Rivers, 62-Towns and Lands along the Canal, 63-Rock Island and Chicago Railroad, 64-Canal and Tolls, 65-Cook, Dupage, and \Vill Counties, 66-Grundy and La Salle a CONTENTS.

CHICAGO: Canal, Railroad, Lumiber Trade, 45-Scenery, Soil, and Trade, 47-Transportation, Comnmerce, Wholesale Trade, 51-Plankroads, Agricultural Papers, Aurora Bore alis, 53-Traveling between Chicago and Detroit, Chicago Harbor, 55-Shipping, Indian Treaty, 56-School Fund, Houses, Colleges, 59-Sunmmit, Lyons, Caluiet, etc., 60.

This tour is best during the dry season (from October to June) as you can enjoy bird watching and night safari to see the NPA local habitants like dears and monkeys.

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