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If Hayley Atwell were your girlfriend, she would be the queen of Snapchat, and only you would know. “I just like looking for the clues people leave behind,” she’d tell you. But as you watch her walk away, shoulders back, head held high, you wouldn’t be able to imagine anyone being dumb enough to mess with her.She’d send you pictures of her making ridiculous faces when she’s off on long tours. If Hayley Atwell were your girlfriend, you’d never feel scared to walk home at night. If Hayley Atwell were your girlfriend, you would love holding hands with her.Still love this boy." Atwell has recently been filming Captain America: Civil War in Atlanta, Georgia alongside Robert Downey, Jr. Romeo and Juliet Modern AUTom Hiddleston, of the prestigious Hiddleston's, returns home from boarding school the summer before he heads to Cambridge.Like most human beings who saw Captain America: Civil War, Hayley Atwell was less than thrilled with that super awkward kiss between Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and his nominal love interest Sharon Carter (Emily Van Camp), great-niece of Cap’s former flame Peggy Carter. Atwell—who, it should be said, provided the MCU’s best kiss in one of her Dubsmashes—also referenced the recent comic book reveal that Captain America is a Hydra agent as evidence that the romance is doomed: “Now with this whole ‘Hail Hydra’ business, I don’t know if Steve’s good enough for [Sharon].

Chris Hemsworth, of the working class Hemsworth's, grew up on the Hiddleston estate and helped tend to the home for years.If Hayley Atwell were your girlfriend, the two of you would be the kind of carefree hostesses who wouldn’t mind if there were a little dust on the windowsills and some magazines left on the couch. ” “I’m sure you don’t have to get them something expensive,” Hayley would reassure you. If Hayley Atwell were your girlfriend, you would tell her about your frustrating workplace politics and she’d go, “Well, they sound like a bunch of absolute fools.” And then she would tell you exactly how to enact some Matilda-like revenge and loan you her welding tools to mess with their office chairs. On the hottest day of the year you’d set it up on the sidewalk, to the delight of neighborhood children. You’d roll back the carpet in the living room and watch Love on Top and 7/11 dozens of times.The conversation would be so good, no one would even notice. If Hayley Atwell were your girlfriend, you’d both play a lot of practical jokes on each other. If Hayley Atwell were your girlfriend, you’d slip your arms into each other’s jackets and around each other to fend off the London fog. If Hayley Atwell were your girlfriend, you’d watch Band of Brothers and debate which one you’d’ve dated way back then. You’d never quite get it right, but it would mainly be an excuse to around the house in hoodies and underwear. au The lycans have served the vampire dynasty for more than two thousand years, and there hasn’t been a single moment of that time where they have been permitted to lie with one of them.54. This was supposed to be for Yuletide 2015 but time got away from me. But I still had fun writing this and wanted to share it, so. Hayley can't stand the Christmas crunch and stress and just wants a break. She decides to bring Chris without his knowledge (thanks, Scott! Peggy/Steve - Steve leaves a family behind Six months after Steve wakes to an empty bed, not even the heat of Peggy's missing body still caught in the sheets, Natasha pays him a visit.

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