Facebook sex chat dialogue

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A university has had to launch an investigation after its student newspaper apparently exposed a Facebook “ring” where male students have been allegedly sharing and rating indecent images of their female peers without their consent.

According to University College Dublin’s (UCD) paper, around 200 agricultural science students are involved in the group where they are said to be sharing “stories about girls they had sex with, shared nudes, and then posted the girls’ Facebook pages where they’d all rate them out of ten,” reports the paper.

Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) announced Wednesday their breakthrough on training AI chat bots to negotiate with real humans.

To date, AI chat bots were limited to short conversation and simple tasks such as booking a restaurant.

The paper has also said this isn’t the first time agricultural science students have landed in bother with a controversial Facebook group.

And it came as no surprise when she chose to play a Bihari migrant in Abhishek Chaubey's 'Udta Punjab.' While the actress looks convincing in the role, her brave choice has made us admire her even more.But Y-Films’ latest web series, “” is aimed to correct this very mentality and create a healthy, unbiased, and informative dialogue between parents and children regarding matters dealing with sex.The series follows an inquisitive kid Pappu asking his ‘Papa’ questions—about masturbation, condoms, sexual intercourse, periods and so on—and him explaining it in simple, lucid language, breaking the stigma around such conversations.They said, “most people did not realise they were talking to a bot rather than another person — showing that the bots had learned to hold fluent conversations in English in this domain.” “Bots not only can speak English but also think intelligently about what to say,” the team added. In this video we’re going to talk about exposition and dialogue.

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