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I know people don't always "click," but I guess I'm more afraid to find out that I've got this character flaw that I've never realized.Baltimore: I'm as fond of self-flagellation as the next person, especially when that self isn't me, but I think you've made a great case for a cease-flog. Judging him in person isn't shallow, it's smart; mating is emotional, intellectual and physical. You can always give your eyes extra time, in the interest of depth.Ultimately, your own taste in women will have far more say in your rituals and romances than society ever will.

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Women who see them as a waste of a perfectly good down payment aren’t even cutting-edge anymore.Somehow our intellect has become the only politically correct arbiter of a good mate, but that denies the value of sensory judgment. Every part of you that's going to be engaged in your relationship should have equal say in, and veto power over, a potential partner. Never, ever overrule the gut, but bodies have been known to grow more attractive when you come to love what's inside. Besides, given the way reality tends to get the last word, especially in relationships, you might as well be realistic.You can put a noble face on judging a jawline by telling yourself that people deserve to be loved as a whole. Even if you're a living birdbath and want only buff, bronze and blond, you're better off admitting that and cruising lifeguards accordingly than forcing yourself to be deep. Carolyn: I'm getting married later this year to a great woman, and we're paying for the wedding ourselves.It doesn’t excuse such a bizarre, selfish and flat-out moronic idea, just explains.You don’t know what you’ll do if you find she’s being unfaithful, and that’s normal.

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