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18, 2007, only a month after doctors told him that he had three-to-six months to live following a recurrence of pancreatic cancer, he presented a lecture called "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" to a packed auditorium at Carnegie Mellon.

The moving and often humorous talk recounted his efforts to achieve such childhood dreams as becoming a professional football player, experiencing zero gravity and developing Disney World attractions.

Randy Pausch did "not go gentle into that good night," to quote from poet Dylan Thomas. Yet, in Pausch's case, people across academic disciplines and representing many causes offer differing theories about the way he made an impact on the world.

The heroic last act in the life of this CMU professor has left an enduring legacy. The astonishing truth may be that each of them is right, and that this Pittsburgh educator, hailed by one colleague as "the most famous computer scientist who ever lived," has the distinction of leaving behind a legacy as bright and variegated as a constellation of stars.

In the process, he shared his insights on finding the good in other people, working hard to overcome obstacles and living generously.

The video appeared on countless websites and has been viewed by millions. A book version, "The Last Lecture" co-written by Jeff Zaslow (1958-2012) of the Wall Street Journal (and a fellow Carnegie Mellon alumnus), became a bestseller upon its release.

(Of course, I might have done something different if given the chance, but I will never say I wasn’t enough.) If he doesn’t call, that’s his issue. That way, I don’t waste any time chasing someone who honestly isn’t dying to know me more (but is just too polite to say so).

He didn’t realize he had the whole package in front of him, ripe for the picking.

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Most people would consider themselves fortunate at the end of their lives to have made just one important contribution to society.Photos courtesy of the Pausch family professor Randy Pausch's last lecture, titled "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams," was a You Tube phenomenon that captivated the world. In recognition of that vast legacy, Randy Pausch is Pittsburgh magazine's 2008 "Pittsburgher of the Year."REMEMBERING A LEGACY: "WE WILL TELL THEM"Now that the lights have long gone down and the stage has been struck since the "last lecture," it seems appropriate to pause and reflect upon the life that earned Randy Pausch that standing ovation and the legacy that remains.His book, based on the same principles, became a runaway best-seller. The hardest part about examining Pausch's legacy may be figuring out just where to begin. 22 at Carnegie Mellon, nearly one year to the day after his last lecture, university president Jared Cohon announced the creation of a new footbridge spanning the distance between the school's fine-arts and computer-science buildings, which will bear the professor's name.Pausch died last July of pancreatic cancer at age 47. Future generations of CMU students and faculty, Cohon predicted, will walk across that bridge and wonder just who was Randy Pausch.He lived an extraordinary life, and in dying he inspired others on how to live. Added Cohon, proudly: "We will tell them."Certainly, there was no institution that Pausch cared more about or identified more strongly with than Carnegie Mellon University.

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