The dating guy s2e10

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Rachel starts going out with Russ, a guy who is in every way the identical copy of Ross.

Everyone sees this in him, except for her and Ross, who classifies him as a complete jerk.

Justin Voel-Pel, the star of the unforgettable Season 2 ep “Artis & Jess,” the sweaty online dating vigilante guy? Anyway, Justin has been the hobby of my career, which has otherwise consisted of social media hoaxes and bewbs.

I investigated him tirelessly in 2013, and all of that hard work paid off when Justin himself recognized said hard work and reached out to me for an exclusive interview.

Or so they all think -- when they finally meet Davis, it turns out he's a young, strapping, incredibly handsome man: Season 2, Episode 11 "Plus Two Isn't a Thing" Dre doesn't like Davis, but it's clear it's personal.Following a bad review of a play he was in, Joey contacts Estelle to try and get some better work.Usually it takes me until the last third of an episode to start writing it up, but “The Legion of Doom” started so well that I couldn’t hold back.Last week, Elizabeth Keen and Raymond "Red" Reddington were hanging out in a detention facility casually taking down a blacklister (as ya do) when they were hit with a round of explosives ordered by the sinister folks at the NCS.But did Lizzy and her father-figure / possible 't dead due to the fact that the NCS is completely terrible at routine bombings.

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