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Most of the celebrants aren’t even pure-bred Ukrainians anymore, but rather just related by marriage and a proclivity for blow-out eating, drinking and mildly risqué merrymaking.

For openers, there was a buffet of herring and honeyed poppyseed cakes, Thus sated, the 100-odd paid up diners (at per fundraising ticket) and almost as many assorted supernumeraries settled in for the show.

At least not as it’s observed at the community hub of the Ukrainian Hall on Pender Street.

The festival is unabashedly pagan in its origins, a vernal death-and-rebirth rite.

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Have you ever been troubled by the sudden non-availability of Internet, just when you wanted to sync the data you stored to the server?

The melodies are in ancient musical modes, neither major nor minor keys, lending the music a distinctive sweet-and-sour flavour.

The tempo picked up, though, once the dancers took the stage.

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