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EUROPE Taken to Italy with promises of work and kept as slave labour with threats of deportation, Nigerian women and girls are being exploited by organized crime in increasing numbers.In Palermo, Eric Reguly meets the women ensnared by trafficking, and the priest and nun trying to help them escape it This 30-year-old woman from Benin City, Nigeria, was forced into the sex trade in Italy.One victim who was kidnapped while traveling home from school in Konduga said that when the militants found out that she and her friends were students they said, "Aha! So you are the ones with strong heads who insist on attending school when we have said ‘.’ We will kill you here today." Boko Haram's name roughly translates to "Western education is a sin."The report confirms some of the worst fears about Boko Haram's treatment of the girls they capture, specifically when it comes to sexual violence.According to interviews with survivors, most of the sexual violence and rape occurs within the context of forced marriages, although there are exceptions.Testifying in court for the second day of the televangelist’s formal bail application in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court‚ detective warrant officer Peter Plaatjies of the Hawks said the young girls were targeted because of their backgrounds – most came from broken homes and were considered vulnerable.Plaatjies testified during the morning session that senior female members of the church would recruit the girls aged between 13 and 15 from various branches across the country.The girls were threatened that if they spoke out they would die or something would happen to their families.

Plaatjies painted a morbid picture of how their first encounter with the pastor would go — he would first speak to them and ask them what they wanted from him.

Hers is an increasingly common fate for African women in Palermo, where sexual slavery is enforced with threats of violence and deportation by gang leaders.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY FRANCESCO BELLINA FOR THE GLOBE AND MAIL Sister Valeria Gandini lowers her head in prayer.

The young women, who adore the soft-spoken, 77-year-old Italian nun, do the same.

“Our Father, who art in heaven …” they say in unison. “Hail Mary, full of grace…” Sister Valeria asks one of them to invent her own prayer.

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