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Recently, more detail has been announced about this process.

Also, draft regulations have provided a good indication of some of the detailed rules that will apply to UC.

But a few exceptions and important details regarding new claimants apply.

UC will be introduced in areas of Manchester and Cheshire before October 2013, in an ‘early roll-out’ that will test the process before the more extensive roll-out begins in October. Then, UC will go live for new claimants in four areas: Tameside, Oldham, Wigan and Warrington.

She testified Monday that she signed the orders without reading them because she trusted Crouch, a longtime colleague and family friend.

"I have lost my reputation, my livelihood, my name and the trust of my fellow man. I've embarrassed and humiliated my wife and my family, and I've caused a lot of pain and embarrassment to my profession. You don't have to tell me, I know."Defense attorney Joseph Cheshire said Crouch had become arrogant and took on too many cases, took shortcuts and made serious mistakes."James Crouch would come into this courtroom and act like he was the man," Cheshire said. He took way too many cases because that was his way to prove that he was the man when, in, fact, he wasn't." Witnesses testified during the two-day sentencing hearing this week that many of Crouch's clients in the questionable cases paid him an extra 0 to change the date of their DWI conviction using a legal action to correct clerical errors called a "nunc pro tunc" order and that former District Judge Kristin Ruth unknowingly signed off on the orders.

Defense attorney Brad Bannon said that, over the course of the five years in question, Crouch represented between 1,000 to 2,000 people on DWI charges and the number of cases in question was a relatively small percentage of them."He obtained this relief in 80 cases," Bannon said.

Simon Osborne describes recent developments concerning the introduction, main rules and claims and payments arrangements of universal credit.

When introduced, universal credit (UC) will see the start of a major restructuring of the social security and tax credits system. UC will be introduced gradually (ie, ‘rolled out’), and current claims of the other means-tested benefits will continue for a time.

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