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But, the death of her older brother placed the film on hiatus.Not only did Janet Jackson lose her brother, but she would soon end her relationship with Jermaine Dupri.Hmm…Let me say, several things ran through my head when I read this.Perry’s work always has such strong Christian themes as the backdrop, so I wondered did he get married and I missed the news? But I think the more likely answer is that Tyler;s probably going to adopt or have a child through some type of surrogacy situation.

While she was going through her tough times, Janet Jackson turned to Tyler Perry for comfort. Recently, Jackson appeared on "The Tyler Perry Show," and she told Perry that she did not know where she would be without him.

Dating back to last summer, Janet Jackson has not had a male relationship in her life.

Meanwhile, there have been many questions about Tyler Perry and his sexuality.

Baby rumors swirled earlier this week, when a source claimed Tyler Perry announced at his 45th birthday party that he was going to be a father.

Some Internet detectives then did some digging and found the below month-old photo on Pietro Mourao’s Instagram page.

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