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An Australian TV news anchor's on-air gaffe has prompted a flurry of confessions from fellow media professionals, who are tweeting about their own cringe-worthy onscreen moments in solidarity with the presenter, au reports.

This time round, things didn’t go quite as well: this was how his attempt to pull off 2 1/2 somersaults with two twists finished up: Oh dear.When the submarine surfaces with the life raft on the casing at the end of the film, the water movement looks a bit odd because the scene was actually shot with the sub diving and floating the raft off, the film then being played backwards.While Bond prepares "Little Nellie" for flight, a Japanese technician removes the red rotor tether from the front of the Autogyro.How do they know Bond has succeeded in his mission?They can't see the control room, let alone the television sets.

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