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Don’t worry — we don’t take reservations on Saturday nights, which means there will be NO romantic couples.

Instead, we’re having a SINGLES NIGHT, by hosting the most bad-ass SPEED DATING you’ve ever been to!

There are lots of ways to stay single: the aforementioned futon method; avoiding situations that are potentially awkward; not knowing what shoes to wear with that top.

And even though meeting new people will always be terrifying it can also be thrilling and it's the absolute best way to get out of a mega video addiction---I mean, a rut. On sunny mornings, the kind of single people you want to meet are out doing things.

Fudge is irresistible unless you are a vegan---in which case the Farmers' Market offers a lovely dairy-free alternative.

Meet cute Asian singles in Nova Scotia with our FREE Halifax Asian dating service.

People seem stuck in limbo and have no idea how they can act upon their sexual desires without being judged. Everyone knows everyone, and if you haven't slept with someone, your friend or friend's friend or cousin or sister's boyfriend's sister has.

I am moving in Truro near Robie street I will be movi I'm a personable, friendly, confident, creative woman ready to love and be loved again. I never Judge Others or look down On anyone , I love Going for walks ,holdin Many sites claim to be free but hit you with surprise charges after you join. Oh yeah, better get used to being friends with your ex.I'm single and bored, but too proud to admit bored means "lonely." Maybe you're of the same ilk.I did some research and it turns out we're not alone.The Coast Love & Sex survey found that the majority of pollers are single, too, and they're "bored with it." I also did some research on the amount of time I spend on my own futon watching Gossip Girl re-runs and the verdict is in---it wouldn't hurt any of us to try and meet someone new.

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