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A regular at celebrity roasts and an honorary member of the Rat Pack, he would often take jabs at audience members with two signature phrases: "dummy" and "hockey puck." He was a frequent guest on segment "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories." The first, about musician Rick James, became a cultural sensation and spawned more than a few catchphrases. Sam Rockwell portrayed him in a 2002 film adaptation that was written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by George Clooney.

The second installment, about a surreal encounter with Prince, proved equally memorable. Barris continued writing in his later years, penning books such as .

Following the murder of Dawn Green, Sam increases his protective watch over Sookie.

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and then she comes in and I have nothing on pretty much and she proceeds to rub make-up on my body." But the TV actor is trying desperately not to act on his crush to avoid a work romance - and because she's already taken.

Amy has previously appeared on “Mad Men” and “Boston Public” and Sam will return as Sam Merlotte in the upcoming Season 4 of the hit HBO series this summer.

caught up with the stars and creator of “True Blood” over the weekend at Paley Fest 2011, where they spilled spoilers from the new season.

After Sookie’s death, the only lead I had was Compton… I’d risen the night after returning from Jackson with Sookie to feel nothing of her. He’d been in denial, spearheading a search for Sookie and Bill Compton. ” She pushed the door open to bring my attention to the room behind her… There were two King sized beds in opposite corners, leaving little room to move, a large terrarium had taken the place of her dresser, and large mirror was anchored over the window… I…” She walked past me to open the second bedroom door and gasped as the smell of lizards spilled out. When I caught up to her, she was dialing the phone. She offered, “Not stalling; starving,” and began guzzling her cup of blood. But the way she licked her lips when she was finished… Better than bottled, but I still prefer A-positive… She darted towards the refrigerator and took three bags of A-positive… The most immediate concerns were Bill, Hunter, Brandon and Ema… Remind me to never betray you.” Not that I would, but… “We have a couple of hours before the sun sets in Washington and he realizes you’re gone.” “And a few more before he can get here, maybe not tonight at all. It took us two nights to get to Seattle.” I nodded.

Her Wolf was furious, sure Compton had done something to her. I was sure enough Sookie wouldn’t want the bank to foreclose on her house that I continued making mortgage payments to buy time for Jason to return. Now that a body, found by boaters in Lake Bistineau, had been identified as Jason Stackhouse, I’d run out of excuses to maintain Sookie’s house. We’ve been laying low and I’ve been secretly hoping Sophie-Anne trips and falls on a stake so I could come home.” “Sophie-Anne was your reason for leaving and no one bothered to tell me? While she guzzled that cup, I pushed, “Start with the night we returned from Jackson.” Watching her swallow, lick her lips again… “Bill came back and apologized for arguing with you… Two individuals who weren’t on the list were Ema Oswald and Brandon Rousseau… Sookie wept, leaving me to explain Jason’s death in our version of events. When I stopped, and only because I didn’t want to push her, she raised her eyebrow at me.

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