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Partners and employees who know the true story may keep it to themselves, for fear of violating the privacy of their colleagues.

They fear retaliation from one or more of those involved in the relationship. As small business owners achieve greater levels of success, status and wealth, they must never forget the first rule of healthy relationships: Protect yourself at all times.

In other words, poor relationship choices could tank your business.

Here’s the scariest part: Most of these transgressions will go unreported. The victims are too embarrassed to admit that they were taken advantage of.

They blame themselves for being foolish and gullible.

In 1983, he launched John Elkington Associates, later absorbed into Sustain Ability.

In recovery from addiction the concept of "setting a bottom line" is a common one.

However, it might be more accurate to say that one does not so much set a bottom line as recognize it.

He has coined a number of terms over the years, including environmental excellence (1984), green growth (1986, with Sustain Ability billed as the "Green Growth Company" from 1987) and green consumer (1986).

In 1994, he originated the term "Triple Bottom Line" and in 1995 the popularisation, People, Planet & Profit (or, alternatively, Prosperity).

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