Turbo lister not updating categories

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Again, similar to what we currently have with Fast & Free and e Bay Premium Service: SCREENSHOT 2.Overall I’m still happy as this will mean more click-throughs to my listings and therefore more views and more sales!Borders that are part of the item are allowed, but you can not add one with an image editor.When the edge of the item is important to see, as with stamps and cards, the solid background behind the item may look like a border, but is not considered a border by e Bay's filters.Each time you make a sale on e Bay, your stock levels will be automatically adjusted on all of your other selling channels, eliminating the occurrence of overselling.There is no need to create individual listings for an item that has multiple options, whether that be different colours or sizes, as you can very easily create a single multi-quantity fixed price listing that includes all of these variations.While e Bay announced their plan to discontinue Turbo Lister several months back, if as an e Bay seller you are still using this listing tool, the good news is that there are alternative solutions available to you after June 2017, when the discontinuation will come into full effect.Turbo Lister has played a fundamental role in helping many sellers administer their listings on e Bay, and if you are an avid user of this tool there are two things to keep in mind; firstly, there are some great alternatives to Turbo Lister and secondly, many of these solutions will in fact be better suited to your business and with better functionality.

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If grandfathered listings are subsequently edited, or ended and relisted, the photos must then comply with the new policy.This guide is meant to make this process as easy as possible.Importing Turbo Lister Inventory Items: First, from within your Turbo Lister, export as CSV file all your Inventory Items.Use this to your benefit if you need more time to update your photos.Undersized GTC listings are marked orange in this tool.

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