Updating websites using dreamweaver

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Last updated: June 16, 2016 To provide you with more relevant experiences and marketing messages based on your likely interests, we collect information about you and how you engage with us. In some cases, Adobe needs to send you "transactional" emails relating to normal business operations.

For example, we may email you to inform you that your subscription is expiring or that someone has sent you a document using an Adobe app. We may collect information about how you use Adobe desktop products and mobile apps.

You would think that since it is easy to change the permalink structure at the creation of a website it should also be a simple process for an established website.

I had to do one of this websites and I found out there was nothing in the j Query plugins world to make this task easier.

The structure is quite simple, adding a `section` class for each section of the site, and `slide` for each slide within a section: Here you have a list of some pages using this plugin.

For more documentation about the plugin, check it at the github repository.

Please note that you will have to repeat this process for each Adobe mobile app that collects usage data.

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For example, websites that focus on news items tend to have the date as part of the permalink structure.

By using the resources listed at the end of this Chapter, you can learn to identify and address other barriers. Developing an Action Plan For Providing Accessible Websites Now you know that some types of content and format on webpages can pose barriers for people with disabilities.

The next steps are to develop an action plan to fix web content that is currently inaccessible and implement procedures to ensure that all new and modified web content is accessible.

Please note that you will have to repeat this process for every Adobe desktop app that collects anonymous information.

Mobile Applications Anonymous and Identifiable Data Collection Tell us if you would like us to stop collecting both anonymous and identifiable data about how you use our mobile apps by using the app’s settings panel that refers to mobile app usage data collection.

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